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2022 16u Pumpkin Classic
Tournament Rules
September 25, 2022

Morton Girls Softball Association and Morton Mystics are excited to welcome you to the 2022 16u Pumpkin Classic Tournament! 

1.  All games will be played at Birchwood Park.  The address for the tournament is 349 W. Birchwood St. in Morton, IL. 

2.  We ask that all players, fans, and coaches follow our park rules and always exhibit good sportsmanship throughout the tournament.  Birchwood Park does not allow smoking, drinking, or dogs on the premises.

3.  Coaches are required to check-in prior to their first game.  Please provide proof of insurance at check-in.  Coaches may email these ahead of time to mortontravelsb@gmail.com.

4. Teams are not to warm-up on the infield.  Pitchers (and catchers) may warm up on the dirt alongside the dugouts or utilize the bullpens on Field 1.  No infiend practicing behind the basepaths on the dirt.

5.  All games have a 75-minute time limit.  We ask all teams to immediately exit the dugouts upon completion of their game (unless playing on that field for the next game) to keep the schedule moving.  Please be sure to collect all equipment and trash when leaving the dugout.  Pool games may end in a tie.

6.  All teams must be ready to start their game up to 30 minutes early (except for first games of the day).

7.  This tournament is a three-game guarantee, weather permitting.

8.  Home teams will be determined by a coin toss during pool play.

9.  Tie breakers will utilize the USA softball standard tie breaker rule until a winner is determined.

10.  Run rule will be 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings.

11.  Lineups can be continuous (roster with open substitution) or any combination of EP, DP/Flex.  You must have subs written on line-up card.  Pitcher, catcher, DP, and Flex must be labeled on card, if applicable.

12.  If using a continuous lineup, anyone arriving late may be added in the last position of the batting order.  Teams batting 9 or fewer players are not considered batting roster and must abive by USA softball rules.

13.  The home team will be the official scorekeeper.  Scores should be verified every 1/2 inning by the visiting team.

14.  In the event of weather or other schedule disruptions, head coaches only will receive communications from the director.  Director has the right ot make any changes to play as needed.  We ask coaches to please relay details to their teams.  If no games are played due to weather, teams will receive a full refund.  If only one game is played, teams will receive a 50% refund.  No refunds will be issued if at least 2 games are played.  A started game called due to weather is a complete game.

15.  In the event a game is delayed due to inclement weather, the game will resume from its point of interruption.  Home team's scorer will be responsible for noting the necessary information and confirming with the visitor team.

16.  This tournament will operate on a NO PROTEST format.

17.  This tournament will be governed by USA Softball rules with exceptions, as noted within these rules.